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An Inspiration

I saw the coolest thing today.  I always walk on my work breaks, and my walk takes me down Woodrow Street.

There is a house on a corner with a funky shack in the back.  The funky shack has fascinated me for years.

Now, the funky shack is turning into a legitimate dwelling, which fascinates me even more.

So. . . today I was walking and the owner was outside.  I told him his place was cool and that it fascinated me.  He (thankfully) invited me in to see it.  It turns out he owns the corner house and rents it out, but lives in the funky shack that is turning into a house.  He has built this thing completely out of recycled and otherwise scavenged materials.  It's really cute inside and will be beautiful when he gets it all done.  He's got cement sections in the wall with embedded colored glass bottles in it.  These let in a sweet filtered light.

I think this is so great.  I told him that my fantasy is to live in a house made of garbage when I retire.  I don't know if I'll be able to achieve that, but this experience makes me think it could be possible.

 The blunt truth

I liked this picture.  Amusing.

Work is getting on my nerves, but I had yoga at lunch today and that helped.  I've got to test a web page, but cannot because the database is not together enough yet.   I like this job way better than my last job, but the good thing about my last job was that the DBA gave us full rein on the development database.  I could make things happen faster then.

The Pure Romance party was a blast last weekend.  10 horny women in a room with sex toys and "lotions and potions to arouse the emotions" . . . and wine, of course.  $580 worth of products sold!   Hmmmm.

Kerrville's getting close!!  I'm getting excited!!  I'm going for the whole thing, and I have my new industrial-strength canopy to look forward to.  It's an EZ-Up type, so it should be way easier than that thing I had to duct tape together.
Anything that reduces my stress level is a beautiful thing.

Tickets came yesterday.  Gotta send half of them to Larry Sue ASAP.

Going to a crawfish boil on Sunday.  Whoo-hoo!  Then, down to South Austin for Mother's Day.

That RV Show Made Me Crazy!

Ever since the RV show, I've been wanting an RV.  I actually found a used pop-up on Craigs List for $3500.  I didn't go see it, though.  Once I found it and the fantasy became reality, I realized that I'm not ready yet.  Don't want to splurge in this dicey economy.  Johnny and I are having work on the house done.   Blah blah etc. etc.

The other thing is that I really want an A-Liner or a Chalet.

It's actually a relief to come to this.  I'll get something when I'm closer to retirement (or if I find a used A-Liner or Chalet.)

In the meantime, I'll enjoy my fancy, new, industrial-strength canopy and camp on!

An Industrial Strength Canopy!

 Yesterday, I went to Cabela's and bought an industrial strength canopy to go over my truck.  It will be way easier to put up than that thing I have to duct tape together.  I got another 10' x 10', even though I considered a 10' x 15' so I can have a veranda.  The big one was too heavy and unwieldy, so I'm going with the 10x10 for now.  If I want to expand, I'll get another 10x10.  In the meantime, I can use the cheesy duct tapeable one for a veranda.  Or I can blow it off because I'm too lazy to mess with it.  I'll have to see how I feel when I get there.

I'm getting psyched!!


Nothing serious.  Just freaking out a tad because we're doing this huge important project at work, and it's all new technology that none of us is familiar with.  Therefore, progress is slow and everything is a struggle.  Oh well, it will get better.

However, I got some interesting news.  Joe Turney is going to be working here (with another group).  He starts April 1 and will be one floor beneath me.  Hmmmm.  He knows too much:-) 

I Got to Be an SXSW Musician!

I played two sets at Kick Butt Coffee this weekend.  I was pretty nervous, but I did OK.  Tom took a video of Friday's (but Saturday's was better) performace and will put it out on YouTube soon.   I did fine on Friday, though, despite a few mistakes and nervous gasps.

There were quite a few SXSW musicians performing there this weekend.  Only heard a couple of the acts but what I heard was good.

It was exciting!!  Now, I'm doubly motivated to finally get my songs copywritten so I can put them out on the web.

I also debuted my version of "Rusty Old Red River".  Now I've got to learn the one about the cats.

A Little Goes A Long Way

We're working on a huge and visible project at work.  All of us are in the process of reviewing/modifying the Systems Requirements document.  This bugger is around 100 pages long.

Anyway, the Project Sponsor gave each of us a $15 gift certificate to Mandola's!!  How cool!!!  I really appreciate stuff like that, and I'm going to get some good wine or cheese or something.

Johnny and I have nothing to do this weekend!!  Yippee!!!   We're excited!!   

Hopefully, the weather will be nice enough to sit out on the porch.

I Love Classmates.com

I have gotten in touch with more old friends through the Classmates site.  One friend was supposed to come into town this weekend, but plans cratered.   I just did a bunch of e-mailing with another old friend.  What fun to catch up after all these years!

Work is heavy so gotta go.  I just had to exclaim!

Someone is selling a pop-up in Bastrop for $3,000.   Hmmm.  I'll probably hold off until I can get a hard wall camper like a Chalet or A-Liner.  I'm thinking about coughing up the $300 for a serious canopy from Cabela's.  I'd be in great shape then.  Wouldn't have to duct tape it together.

A camper would be nice, though . . . 

Singing the Gospel

 Because it is Black History Month, I got to sing with the African American Heritage Choir again here at work.  As always, I absolutely loved it.  I swear I'm going to join a black church one day so I can learn all this music.  We had an interesting performance this year.  Our regular choir director and musician came down with the flu 2 days before the performance, and we still only had 1 of our 2 songs completely worked out.  Fortunately, our old choir director and musician had been scheduled to sing a solo as part of the program so we pressed her into service for the choir.  We learned 2 songs in 24 hours!!  Actually, the rest of the choir already knew the songs, but I picked them up fine.  

Jamie, the choir director, sang and played a song called "Yesterday" (not the Beatles) that was recorded by Mary Mary.  This song was AWESOME.  I've got to learn it.  Very bluesy and soulful.  Just right for some saving around the campfire:-)

The Hits Keep Coming

Came out of the New World Deli Saturday night around 11:30 after a gig.  someone had backed into my car and had smashed the driver side door and mirror.  I just finished fixing the car from a hit-and-run driver a few months ago.  Thank God I have a good body man.  This is key to survival in Austin.

So, I see that Verizon has stopped the 9-1-1 alarm.  Way to go, Carol!!!

Speaking of cell-phone screw jobs, I just upgraded my phone with Sprint because they cancelled my old low-use plan.  I did not choose the internet service for $10/month because I have computers for that.  So I downloaded what I thought was a $2 screen saver from Sprint, and it cost me $12!!!  This was because I had to pay per Kb because I don't have the data service.

This also means that, although I have a camera phone, there is no way to get the pictures off the phone without paying through the nose.  I guess photos taken can only be used for screen savers.  What a rip.  There's no way to offload the pictures to my computer.  Hmmm.  I guess I didn't ask enough questions.

One good thing - I got called up for jury duty but didn't have to do it.  Whew!