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I Survived Everything - but Yuck!

I have been hammered with antibiotics for the last month.  I had a respiratory infection that didn't go away with the first round, so they gave me even stronger stuff.  Not to mention I had to take a round of stuff for this staph infection on my thumb.

I'm doing fine now, but I've been exercising, eating fresh fruits and veggies, drinking green tea, doing medical Qi Gong - anything I can think of to promote health after all this hammering.  I have got to figure out why I can't get through winter without living on antibiotics.  I know this isn't good for me.

I'm confident that I beat the staph thing ( my doctor has seen it twice since the meds and has given it his blessing).  However, it left a very ugly thumb in its wake.  Now that the fear is gone, it's kind of become a science project for me.  My doc says it will all grow out as the nail grows out but I'm going to be a tad hideous for quite a while.  However I am grateful and feel I dodged a bullet.

And the good news is that this has cured me of biting my fingers!  I've been trying to quit this compulsive habit for years but hadn't been able to.  Nothing like a staph infection to convince me.  Gross.

On a more positive note, my sister is coming for Christmas and will stay with us for a couple of days before she goes and stays with my mother for a few days.  As I write, she is moving from Minnesota to Florida and will be driving from Florida to here.  I'm so glad she's getting out of Minnesota.  Not one good thing happened in her life there in the few years she lived there.  Here's to new beginnings!

Tonight we decorate our tree and tomorrow a housewarming party for Purna who bought a condo.  It's so great to be back in the land of the living.
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