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Coming Out of Weirdness

Whew!  On Oct 24, I had a flu shot.  Usually very effective with no troubles.  However, it takes 10 days for them to be totally effective, so bang!  A flu sneaked past.  I was pretty much bouncing from the bed to the couch and back last week.  I am over it now.

But, meanwhile . . . I had torn a cuticle on my right thumb.  While my body was fighting the flu, this HORRENDOUS infection took hold of my thumb.  I battled it myself for awhile with hot water and hydrogen peroxide but on Monday, I called the doctor.  This thing was really scaring me.  I'd look at it and burst into tears because it was so awful and I was so afraid.  Now, I'm on sulfa and it's kicking the stuff out of here.  I've got to drink lots of water and no alcohol for 10 days, but it's worth it.  I'm taking things really easily right now.  No rigorous exercise; plenty of sleep, etc.

But, yay!!  We elected Obama!!!  Thank God!!!!  I know he walked into a snake pit and that there's only so much the poor guy can do, but I have faith that he has the intelligence and integrity to get us moving in the right direction.

Now, I'm bored at work.  We're in the final stages of rolling out an application and everyone is freaking out, but I've finished what I'm supposed to do.  I told them this morning that I had completed the last task assigned to me so I hope they give me something else soon.  I don't like being idle very long.  Makes me paranoid.

My sister's coming for Christmas.  Yay!  And she's moving to Florida right before that!  Road trip potential!!

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