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Moco Solo

Wow, it's been a couple of weeks but haven't had a chance to talk about this.  I was the lone camper in Moco Verde for Little Folk.  John Albert was there but camped in the meadow with other friends.  He came by a lot, though, especially for morning coffee.  Jack was also around, but he's  . . .well. . .camped on the ranch at large.  He would turn up from time to time to say hello.

Nonetheless, I had a good time.  MisInclined, Kantigree, and Calm were always there for me.  The music was good; I especially liked Mike Zito - a guy with a Fender.

I also discovered Messina Hof's Angel Reisling.  Mmmm.   I was almost relieved when they ran out of wine and left a day early.  That Reisling was taking over my life:-)  I have a bottle chilling for the weekend as I speak.

Then, on to another adventure.  My friend, Barbara, who travels a lot had a Southwest ticket that had to be used by 9/20.  She offered it up to our group.  I jumped on it and went to Indiana to visit my college roommate whom I'd not spoken to in 25 years.  We had an agreement that we were bad correspondents and, no matter how long it had been since communicating, we would always be friends.  This deal still worked and I had a great time.  I met her three grown boys, and I liked them all.  Even smoked a left-handed cigarette with one of them.  He wondered how she and I had ever become friends because we're so different.  The fact is that we hated each other on sight and only became friends because we each had to walk to downtown Worcester and neither of us felt safe walking alone.  Therefore, we begrudgingly agreed to walk together and made friends on that 1-mile walk.  We've been fast friends ever since.

Work's getting a tad weird.  The agency is now forbidding us to do personal e-mail or Facebook or MySpace at work.  I'm sure this site's not cool, either, but I don't know if they know about it.  This is an occasional dalliance, anyway.  It's going to be a drag to only be able to check my mail at night because, many nights, I just don't have time.

End of summer; holidaze coming . . Yuck.

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