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I Survived Everything - but Yuck!

I have been hammered with antibiotics for the last month.  I had a respiratory infection that didn't go away with the first round, so they gave me even stronger stuff.  Not to mention I had to take a round of stuff for this staph infection on my thumb.

I'm doing fine now, but I've been exercising, eating fresh fruits and veggies, drinking green tea, doing medical Qi Gong - anything I can think of to promote health after all this hammering.  I have got to figure out why I can't get through winter without living on antibiotics.  I know this isn't good for me.

I'm confident that I beat the staph thing ( my doctor has seen it twice since the meds and has given it his blessing).  However, it left a very ugly thumb in its wake.  Now that the fear is gone, it's kind of become a science project for me.  My doc says it will all grow out as the nail grows out but I'm going to be a tad hideous for quite a while.  However I am grateful and feel I dodged a bullet.

And the good news is that this has cured me of biting my fingers!  I've been trying to quit this compulsive habit for years but hadn't been able to.  Nothing like a staph infection to convince me.  Gross.

On a more positive note, my sister is coming for Christmas and will stay with us for a couple of days before she goes and stays with my mother for a few days.  As I write, she is moving from Minnesota to Florida and will be driving from Florida to here.  I'm so glad she's getting out of Minnesota.  Not one good thing happened in her life there in the few years she lived there.  Here's to new beginnings!

Tonight we decorate our tree and tomorrow a housewarming party for Purna who bought a condo.  It's so great to be back in the land of the living.

Coming Out of Weirdness

Whew!  On Oct 24, I had a flu shot.  Usually very effective with no troubles.  However, it takes 10 days for them to be totally effective, so bang!  A flu sneaked past.  I was pretty much bouncing from the bed to the couch and back last week.  I am over it now.

But, meanwhile . . . I had torn a cuticle on my right thumb.  While my body was fighting the flu, this HORRENDOUS infection took hold of my thumb.  I battled it myself for awhile with hot water and hydrogen peroxide but on Monday, I called the doctor.  This thing was really scaring me.  I'd look at it and burst into tears because it was so awful and I was so afraid.  Now, I'm on sulfa and it's kicking the stuff out of here.  I've got to drink lots of water and no alcohol for 10 days, but it's worth it.  I'm taking things really easily right now.  No rigorous exercise; plenty of sleep, etc.

But, yay!!  We elected Obama!!!  Thank God!!!!  I know he walked into a snake pit and that there's only so much the poor guy can do, but I have faith that he has the intelligence and integrity to get us moving in the right direction.

Now, I'm bored at work.  We're in the final stages of rolling out an application and everyone is freaking out, but I've finished what I'm supposed to do.  I told them this morning that I had completed the last task assigned to me so I hope they give me something else soon.  I don't like being idle very long.  Makes me paranoid.

My sister's coming for Christmas.  Yay!  And she's moving to Florida right before that!  Road trip potential!!

Weird Day

I'm having a weird one.  One of my coworkers died last night.  He was sick so it wasn't a complete shock, but it's weird. 

I also only got a couple of hours of sleep last night.

It was also gray and cold this morning when I tried to go for a walk so I retreated and walked inside.

I'll live, though.  I just don't feel like doing much.  Would have loved to have called in sick today but the timing would have been bad.

Tomorrow will be better.  It will be Friday:-)

Moco Solo

Wow, it's been a couple of weeks but haven't had a chance to talk about this.  I was the lone camper in Moco Verde for Little Folk.  John Albert was there but camped in the meadow with other friends.  He came by a lot, though, especially for morning coffee.  Jack was also around, but he's  . . .well. . .camped on the ranch at large.  He would turn up from time to time to say hello.

Nonetheless, I had a good time.  MisInclined, Kantigree, and Calm were always there for me.  The music was good; I especially liked Mike Zito - a guy with a Fender.

I also discovered Messina Hof's Angel Reisling.  Mmmm.   I was almost relieved when they ran out of wine and left a day early.  That Reisling was taking over my life:-)  I have a bottle chilling for the weekend as I speak.

Then, on to another adventure.  My friend, Barbara, who travels a lot had a Southwest ticket that had to be used by 9/20.  She offered it up to our group.  I jumped on it and went to Indiana to visit my college roommate whom I'd not spoken to in 25 years.  We had an agreement that we were bad correspondents and, no matter how long it had been since communicating, we would always be friends.  This deal still worked and I had a great time.  I met her three grown boys, and I liked them all.  Even smoked a left-handed cigarette with one of them.  He wondered how she and I had ever become friends because we're so different.  The fact is that we hated each other on sight and only became friends because we each had to walk to downtown Worcester and neither of us felt safe walking alone.  Therefore, we begrudgingly agreed to walk together and made friends on that 1-mile walk.  We've been fast friends ever since.

Work's getting a tad weird.  The agency is now forbidding us to do personal e-mail or Facebook or MySpace at work.  I'm sure this site's not cool, either, but I don't know if they know about it.  This is an occasional dalliance, anyway.  It's going to be a drag to only be able to check my mail at night because, many nights, I just don't have time.

End of summer; holidaze coming . . Yuck.

Two Interesting Sightings Yesterday

 We have a hawk living in the woods behind us.  Johnny first saw him from the kitchen window and watched him for hours.  When I came home from work, he was still there.  When I came home from work the next day, he had returned to the same perch.  A big and majestic bird.  I wish I had a camera that could have captured him (or her).

I had to take a class yesterday on estimating project costs.  I went expecting to be bored silly, but it was actually quite interesting.  The teacher kept it alive and interesting.  The wild thing is that the teacher looked, talked, and joked like Toby!!  It was a little eerie but it was really cool.  Needless to say, I liked the teacher.  It was good to see Toby again:-)

Work is frying me but I'm gonna survive it.

Bob has finally moved out of the house.  Now, I'm actually taking steps to declutter.  I got a book on Feng Shui to motivate myself.  It's a big mountain, but I've got to remember to climb it one step at a time.  I've almost cleared one book shelf so now I can "repurpose" it.  Next step, clear under the bed.  It's bad Feng Shui to have stuff under your bed even if it's neatly boxed.  I'm gonna try clearing it to see if things improve.   Who knows?  Maybe my cough will go away.

Color Me Foo Foo!

I signed up for a wine seminar on Sunday.  Dessert wines - I could not resist.

Lia's arranging for pedicures on Saturday.  What hath God wrought?

Yipes! Labor Day Already!

It's hard to believe it's almost time to pack up for Little Folk.  Gonna be a scorcher this year, but I am armed with canopy and battery-operated fan.

For now, I'm just looking forward to getting through this week.  It's been a bear at work.

Spent last Saturday night at friends' house in Johnson City.  They have 17 acres of hill country - aaaaaahhh.

And Purna bought a condo last Saturday on the Austin/Pflugerville line.  It's exciting!

Jul. 18th, 2008


I love pictures like this.

Weird day.  Lots of unrest at work.  Pressure.  Yuck.

Tonight starts the weekend, and I'm meeting the Mocos at Nutty Brown.  Riding with Paula, but it still feels insane to spend two hours in a car when we probably won't be at Nutty Brown longer than that.   But it will be great to see everyone as always.  And, at least, I don't have to drive.

A Motley Crew


This is a cool picture!!  I had SUCH a great time this year.

The re-entry process was rude.  I walked back into a hornet's nest at work, but it will all smooth out at some point.  We're just on a project with horrendous deadlines.

I am SO looking forward to this holiday weekend.  Johnny's got two gigs on the 4th, so I'll be a groupie that day.  After that, we get to be pretty vegetational.

Aaahhhh. . .

The last day at work before my BIG vacation at Kerrville.  I'm all ready to go except for last-minute preps.  I did it easily with no meltdowns this year.  I'm quite proud of that.

I'm bringing 6 bottles of wine.  Heh Heh Heh.  No whiskey, but town is only miles away:-)

I look forward to lounging in my lounge chair under the trees.